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Redondo Shores Veterinary Center

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701 S Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Phone: 310-540-5588
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Preventative Animal Health Care

    Puppy & Kitten Wellness
    Adult Wellness
    Senior Wellness
    Vaccinations & Vaccine Titer Levels
    Laboratory Services
    Flea, Tick & Parasite Prevention and Control*

*We will do our best to match online or pet store prices. Please contact us for details.

Specialty Services

    House Calls
    In Home Euthanasia
    Medical Observation
    Canine DNA Breed Analysis
    AKC Microchip Implantation
    Travel & Health Certificates (Including Hawaii and International)
    Pain Management
    In-House Pharmacy
    Radiology & Ultrasound
    Selective Non-Anesthetic Teeth Cleaning

Surgical Specialties

    General Surgery
    Soft Tissue Surgery
    Oral and Dental Surgery
    Complex Surgeries by an On-Call Board Certified Surgeon


Dr. Yelinek is a graduate of the Healing Oasis Wellness Center and is certified in Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy (VSMT).  Dr. Yelinek maintains adjunct teaching positions in both VSMT and Acupuncture to assist other veterinarians in learning these integrative modalities.

What is VSMT?

Chiropractic, or spinal manipulation, is the art of making an adjustment to a "subluxation" in an attempt to restore a pain free range of motion to the joints with focus on the spine and nervous system in keeping our bodies whole.

How can VSMT help my pet?

"Animal Chiropractic can be used as an aid in the treatment of neck, back, leg, and tail pain, muscle spasms and nerve problems, injuries from slips, falls, and accidents, jaw or TMJ problems, difficulty chewing, event or sports injuries, post-surgical amelioration of pain and rehabilitation, bowel, bladder, and internal medicine disorders, maintenance of joint and spinal health, and healing/helping with chronic internal medicine disorders that do not resolve as expected, and behavioral changes (avcadoctors.com)."

Integrative Therapies

    Chinese Herbal Medicine
Companion Laser Therapy®
    Canine Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy┬«

The Companion Therapy Laser is emerging as the new high-tech device of choice to treat a wide variety of aches and pains, injuries, and diseases. The exciting news is that it is not simply alternative medicine; but high-tech medicine destined to play a major role in both human and veterinary care. Used by physicians in Europe for over thirty years, it has recently gained approval by the FDA for certain human applications, and both physicians and veterinarians throughout the United States are beginning to embrace this extraordinary technology. Please call us today to learn more about this exciting new therapy.

Please click the above link to visit the Companion Laser Therapy website for additional information.

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Disaster Preparedness is IMPORTANT!

Click HERE for a downloadable article, written by Dr. Yelinek, on how to prepare your pets for a disaster.


Dr.Yelenik and his staff are highly competent as well as very caring and compassionate.

Debie L.
Redondo Beach, CA

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Redondo Shores Veterinary Center
701 S Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
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